Stability Ball Chair

Ball Office Chair - 18 November 2018, By admin
Stability Ball Chair

Welcome to our stability ball chair website. Here you will find the best deals and most up to date information on stability ball chairs. It’s often an understatement to say that having a stability ball chair is great for your health. Just a few of the benefits are increased blood circulation, increased attention span, increased balance and coordination, and not to mention nice abs! Ok so maybe sitting on a ball chair won’t magically give you nice abs, but it will help. In fact, it will not only help your abs, but many more core muscles.

Stability Ball Chair: I’ve been using a stability ball chair for around 2 years at my desk job. When I used to use a regular computer chair I had tons of back problems and I couldn’t focus to get any work done. Once I switched to a stability ball chair my back pains gradually went away and now they are completely gone. My boss used to get on to me because he thought I was slacking on the job and not getting any work done. The truth is I think I have ADD so it was hard to focus back then. Sitting on the ball chair has helped me keep my focus and even got me a raise from the boss! My work production isn’t the only thing that it has helped. I actually enjoy work now and I think its so fun that my ball chair works my muscles for me. If you aren’t sure how that works, your body has to make slight movements to keep balanced on the ball. All of this happens without you even thinking about it and it works your muscles for you. You won’t look like a body builder, but it will help you stay healthy and fit.

Stability Ball Chair

Stability Ball Chair

The stability ball chair I use fits perfectly under my desk. I have heard about people buying other ball chairs and they would either be too large for their desk or so small it was impossible to use it as a desk chair. I let a coworker use my stability ball chair to see if she liked it and she loved it. That next day she ordered her own ball chair just like mine. I think her and I started a fad because now 2 other people have ordered their own chairs. We are going to get our boss one for his birthday. Maybe then he will get more work done himself! I would recommend this ball chair to anyone. The ball chair I have is currently on sale and comes with

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