Yoga Ball Chair

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yoga ball chair

How would you like to have a chair that can strengthen your muscles while you work? Look no further than a yoga ball chair. Yoga ball chairs are specially made to improve your core muscles without any work on your part. As you sit on a yoga ball chair your body makes small adjustments to insure you keep balance. This alone will increase your balance and coordination, as well as, improving your blood circulation. Yoga ball chairs are also known to improve posture and your attention span. No more long hours of slouching at a regular computer chair.

Yoga Ball Chair: One of the benefits with owning a yoga ball chair, which hasn’t been mentioned, is that it doubles as an exercise ball. Not only can you use it as a chair, but you can enjoy working out with it as well. The exercise ball locks into the chair so there is no need to worry about the ball slipping off the chair. The chair is built in with ergonomic back support. This back support will help to improve your spinal alignment. As you can see, there are many healthy reasons to use a yoga ball chair.

yoga ball chair

yoga ball chair

Ball Office Chair: Another amazing thing about yoga ball chairs is that they are so portable. Many people use them not only in their homes, but also in their workplace. Sitting on a ball office chair at work can improve your concentration and help you to successfully enjoy your work day and get more done. Make the boss happy today and invest in a ball office chair.

Yoga Ball Chair Exercises: When shopping for a yoga ball chair you might not realize that the ball actually comes off the chair. For this reason, its great to know a few ball chair exercises. Here is one to get you started exercising with your yoga ball today. I like to call this exercise the yoga ball crunch. It’s super simple and will help your abs tremendously. To start, lay on the floor on your back while holding your yoga exercise ball. Simultaneously, lift your legs in the air towards your upper body and lift your shoulders towards your legs. Place the yoga ball between your legs and bring your head and legs back down. Pull them both back up and grab the ball with your hands. Continue going up and down, passing the yoga ball between your hands and your legs.

yoga ball chair

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Exercise Ball Ergonomic Chair: Some yoga ball chairs don’t come with back support, but us here at the exercise ball chair website highly recommend you choose an exercise ball ergonomic chair. Trust us, your back will thank you for it. Yoga ball chairs with ergonomic back support were specifically designed to support your back during those long work hours. Even if you don’t plan on sitting on your ball chair for long periods at a time, we still recommend you find one with ergonomic back support.

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